Hunter on Hunter

I'm a heavy hitting, heavy lifting boy living the dream in the sport of OCR. Growing up on the east coast between NYC and New England I quickly ran away and fell in love with travel and training. From a young age I spent all my time in the woods climbing trees and exploring, luckily my lifestyle still allows me to do such things on a daily basis! Now I live in the Hills of Malibu dominating the world's most hardcore races while at the same time pursing my passion for teaching people more about the benefits of fitness.  #StayMacho   



Hunter McIntyre is a professional athlete and fitness trainer who has established himself as a dominant force in the world of obstacle course racing. He was named one of the top 50 fittest athletes in 2017 by Sports Illustrated and is the undefeated champion of CMT's reality TV show, Broken Skull Ranch, for the last three years.



Hunter brings his magnetic personality to all his fitness endeavors which has lead him to a partnership with OpenFit as well as sponsorships from Promera Sports & Fitaid.  

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